Sunday, 6 June 2004

Graduation at hand

I have finally finished off my very last exam today and it has been a killer week with 3 exam papers to sit in 4 days. My head is totally saturated with info and nothing can't seem to fit in anymore. Reminds me of that Drew Barrymore show, Fifty First Dates if I am correct. Anyway I have only 7 more days before I am actually home in Malaysia. Come to think ok if, I am going to miss Sheffield. It really has been my second home here in the UK but of course I am looking forward to going home but a part of me will always miss Sheffield. Well, first order of business, packing. 2 huge boxes to fill in with all of my "junk" before shipping back and also clearing my room. After 3 weeks of utter mess I am glad that its getting cleaned up.

Nothing interesting going on today. I know I should be living life to the fullest and all that hoohah but thanks to having two exams back to back, I am deprived for sleep plus my next door flatmates celebrated yesterday since they finished their exams then. You should have seen me, especially when they were about to leave for Republic, tears were flowing out of my eyes. The plan last night was to study till 4am and then sleep for around 3 hours then head over to the exam hall at 8.30am but by 1am I was going absolutely bonkers and I was doing extreme crazy stuff already like jumping around whistling etc..etc.. Anyhow, life's great, I am about to graduate! Woohoo!