Monday, 7 June 2004

Potter Mania

Like every other living soul in Great Britain, believe it or not the Potter mania has arrived with loads of people lining up to watch the latest Harry Potter movie. Well since my exams were done yesterday, an evening show was most appropriate together with my church mates and engineering friends. Actually I went into the cinema expecting the movie to be great since I am afterall a huge movie buff but after 2 and a half hours the only thing I had to say was, "Troy was much better". So for you peeps who have been hiding under rocks or nutshells then head over and watch Troy. To me I would give this new Harry Potter movie 3/5. The actors look too old and certainly not fitting anymore. I wonder how will they ever get the next 2 movies with Daniel Ratcliffe. Anyhow, Terrence was just so amazed at someone's pants throughout the movie.


btey said...

Hi Mark,

How are you? Just though i'd drop by and say hi as well as do a bit of PR for my own blog ahahha.
Anyway which server are you using to store your jpegs at?

][x*M*x][ said...

This poor soul *points to self* has not watched a movie in ages..

and HP3 is not even out in Melbourne yet :((
it'll only be released this thursday..
right smack in the middle of examsssss.. ugh

Even more pathetic is Shrek2.. next thursday only out.. :-S

(Just stopping by.. remembered seeing u advertising ur blog on friendster or something.. don't remember how i got here..)