Tuesday, 20 December 2005

Gadgets for Christmas

As the holiday season arrives, frantic shoppers pace the walkways of our nation's shopping complexes, eyeballing every bargain and hunting down discounts available to surprise loved ones and friends alike. The countdown till Christmas started over a month ago but there is only 5 more days till that special day arrives.

So what do you get people who have everything they ever needed already? Small gifts? Presents? Gadgets? The problem about gadgets, in Malaysia, they are horrendously expensive, but hey, I am living in a dream world. What I will try to do is compile some top 10 lists and create one myself.

T3 magazine placed the Xbox 360 as one of their top 10 Christmas wish list, while for us Malaysians, that is out of the question as the Xbox 360 only ships here sometime next year.

But there are other alternatives such as the very hot selling iPod Nano as stated in Tiscali's christmas wish list. Now that wouldn't that be a nice christmas present? *hint*hint* I would like it in black haha!.

Another gift meant for your loved ones is Panasonic's Lumix digital camera. This camera is on Firingsquad's christmas gadget list and I think it would make a very nice present for someone close and special.

As technology improve each year and the trend seems to be moving towards a very mobile age whereby everything can be brought anywhere by you, here is an item that will keep the kids busy while driving back to your hometowns or while using public transport such as trains or buses.

Yes it is a portable DVD player that comes with a LCD screen. I guess it would be pretty popular in a country whereby people mainly use public transportation to get around such as trains or buses. As for me, I would recommend the in-car DVD system.

Another cool gadget I saw recently at 1 Utama is this nifty little toy which really gives you a big shock (literally) when played. It can be found in the lower ground floor at one of the gizmo shops. Its quite nice and it does make a good party toy to fool around with.

If you have a friend who is an avid computer gamer, a good present would be this G7 Logitech mouse featured as the number 1 gadget for christmas at Firingsquad's wish list. It is great for gamers but it still comes with a hefty price tag for us Malaysians.

By now you would have noticed that each of these gadgets shown here are extremely expensive and very impractical for the not so super rich. Believe it or not gadgets are extremely expensive and most of the time make very desirable christmas wants and not christmas gifts.

If you are looking for cheap gadgets that will definitely make the receiver laugh or be happy, maybe you could try one of these?

Isn't that a tasty looking USB thumb drive?