Saturday, 17 December 2005

Xiaxue, hacked?

I was just surfing the web on a bright and nice Saturday morning when I came about and noticed something weird. I logged on to Xiauxue's blog and noticed that the site has been hacked. Don't believe me? Check out the image below.

I wonder how long it will stay up or maybe I am just a little blur and forgotten that she might have changed her weblog address maybe? Anyone can clarify this?

Actually if you checked the web address properly in the image above, the address states and not the original Of course, everyone seems to flounder upon on Xiaxue's blog very often due to her very controversial posts. But cases like this are not rare.

There have been plenty of cases whereby web addresses of famous web sites have been used for directing web traffic to another site. For example, if you type in you get the famous web search engine but if you accidentally typed in you get another site selling a product. Another example is and

To be honest, not everybody can type perfectly and there are people who bound to make simple typos but somehow these companies rely on typo errors for web traffic. Brilliant or sneaky?

I am sorry to have to use Xiaxue's case as the primary example, to be honest I really thought it was hacked until I saw that I made a typo error.


Justin K C Yap said...

gosh i tot sia soi really kena hack oledi. make me so happi for a while lah

Mavik said...

Yeah, to be honest, me too. Well shocked and puzzled though.