Thursday, 29 December 2005

Remember the good old days?

Remember the times during "Kemahiran Hidup" or Life Skills classes when you were in form 3, you had to solder some electronics project? For me that was over 6 years ago but I clearly remembering having plenty of fun soldering those LEDs together and creating an array of wonderful coloured lights powered by a 12 volt battery. Then, components were quite big. Even the one depicted below is rather small but at about 1cm in length it is easy to solder them.

All you had to do was to insert these components into the breadboard and solder the legs at the other end. Very simple and easy. No hassle and no need for extra help.

But times have most certainly changed. Everything is becoming so small nowadays. It takes two soldering irons to solder components now. Right now as I type this, I am trying to let my sore fingers and frustrated brain relax a little before I attempt another mission, to try to solder these capacitors!

They are so ^$&@%!^$*@#$% small!!! Sigh, if only I could turn myself small enough to solder these components.

If you are curious about these components, they are capacitors and you can most probably find these types in your cell phones.