Wednesday, 6 June 2007

More shots from Teluk Batik

As promised, here are two more shots I took while I was in Teluk Batik. The first one was taken somewhere at Kampung Koh while having breakfast in the morning. The second one was taken at the famous Sitiawan "Gong Pian" shop.

Some funky tasting noodles, yummmm!

Guy peeling onions

Ok, I got a lot of more photos to edit and I definitely don't have that much time to do that.

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gRaCeY said...

It's called kam puang - so much better than the wan tan mee here!! I think I know where you had that! One of the best place in town!!

The Gong Piang shop across is one of the best but too bad you didn't go there. =)