Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Of Marmalade and Quality Times

Last week, I really couldn't wait for Sunday to arrive. Keeping my bubbling enthusiasm inside within myself, I was actually waiting for a surprise someone special promised me. Of course being the manly man I am (haha flabby man more like it :P), I kept my excitement hidden and at the same time, looked pretty cool about it.

Anyhow, Sunday came and it started pretty early in the morning with a ZL meeting at 9am, followed by service at church and then lunch! Wondering where I will be heading for lunch, I finally got a clue that it would be at Bangsar Village 2. After a quick drive over to Bangsar, I stepped out of my car in excitement and when the lift opened, I was quickly amazed by this new place which I've never been to, Marmalade.

Chicken Stew

A quick look at the menu and I decided to try out the Lamb Shank with brown rice while munZ took the chicken stew (picture above). Both dishes looked great and scrumptious and it tasted as good as it looked good. I tried taking more pictures from a different angle but the lighting and my IXUS 70 camera couldn't just cut it . Now where was my D40 when I needed it.

Lamb Shank with Brown Rice

The lamb shank with brown rice was extremely filling and it was great. I've had some wonderful lamb shank in the past (back in the days when I was in the UK) and this tasted pretty good. For a more comprehensive review about the food over there, you can head over to "a whiff of lemongrass" and "masak-masak" which are two dedicated food bloggers. I'm not much of a food critic and can't tell the difference between marinara sauce and seafood sauce.

The surprise really made me happy and I was filling full and contented and extremely happy and joyous. Activities after helped me settle my stomach especially after such a heavy meal like that. The shops in Bangsar Village 2 are way better than the original Bangsar Village.

After lunch, I went and watched Music and Lyrics which was a good movie and might probably write a short review on it. Had a lot of fun watching the movie too. Sunday ended with a good family dinner at Chilli's to celebrate Father's Day , the place wasn't too crowded and we managed to get seats pretty quickly as well.

All in all, last weekend was a blast!