Monday, 18 June 2007

Of Sales and Quality times

I had an awesome weekend and in the words of Barney from the CBS TV series, How I Met Your Mother, it was " wait for it....dary!". It all started out with me crawling out of bed at an insanely hour on Saturday morning after spending the night chatting on the phone. Of course a wonderful wake up call did the trick and I sped off to KLCC where I had a meeting there at my office.

Climbing up Tower 2 of KLCC was not an easy task going through the usual security check, figuring out why the stupid express lift wouldn't shut the doors and figuring out from the 41st floor why doesn't the lift register odd-numbered floors. So I had to climb down a floor and took the lift which only went to even-numbered floors, took a lift to a floor below my intended destination and then stepped out of the lift and pressed the up button so that it would enable the so-called even-numbered lift to travel to odd-numbered floors as well.

Entering my office, I dashed towards the pantry where the coffee machine was located only to see that the machine was down for maintenance. There goes my plan for a dose of caffeine until my eye spied a couple of tins of coffee mixture. "Manual mixture this time" went through my mind as I happily stirred sugar, cream and coffee into a coffee cup.

Sipping on coffee, the meeting went by pretty quickly and by the time the shops at the mall below were open, I was there at Isetan with munZ, browsing through the items which were on sale. The sale was pretty good and I managed to buy three items for work, a shirt and a set of cuff lings. Next on the list was Marks and Spencer where I spied a couple of nice shirts and ties but there wasn't any sale going on at the moment.

A quick lunch break at Madam Kwan's was good, ate Nasi Lemak over there but I realised that the nasi lemak served at Old Town Kopitiam tasted slightly nicer. The problem with Madam Kwan's nasi lemak was that it missed a fundamental ingredient which was the deep friend "ikan bilis" and peanuts.

Taking photos at KLCC park is not an easy task because I was using my point and shoot camera this time and I couldn't fit the entire twin towers into the view unless I stood super far away. Also its not easy to take pictures of me and munZ whilst holding the camera as well. Lets just say I got shaky hands.

A quick walk through the park and I arrived at the outdoor car park which was where I parked my car in the morning. Next on my agenda, my cell member's surprise birthday party which started at night and I had to buy ice for them. Trying to carry 5 bags of ice in the rain wasn't the easiest thing to do and I got soaked in the process.

The party was quite well planned out with caterers, decorations and a blue theme which I totally forgot about but thank goodness I was already wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans. Food was aplenty and the card/poster was pretty cool. The concept was to actually take pictures of the guests who were there, print out the photos and stick them on a huge decorated cardboard and everyone writes the message in there.

By night time I was totally wiped out and I really was looking forward to getting a good night's rest. Sunday was going to be awesome as well but right now, I am just too tired to blog about it.

Till then...

p.s. All images shown on this post was not taken by me and I "borrowed" some of them from