Tuesday, 19 June 2007

My Favourite Chicken Rice Stall

If there is one place I frequent the most, it would definitely not be McDonalds or Starbucks. Actually it is one of my favourite stalls near my workplace. It is my favourite chicken rice stall. Well I don't usually eat just chicken of course, pork is a definite yes to my ever saddening diet because Cyberjaya is such a lousy place for good food.

Located in Sri Kembangan, near Jusco

If you asked me why do I love that place so much, I really can't tell you why. The food is excellent because there is also a mixed rice stall in there where I can still get some dosage of vegetables and fried egg and more fried pork!

I frequent the place quite often, well at least once a week that the chicken rice lady knows me pretty well. All I have to do is tell her how many people are in my group that day and she would just bring the food to us.

Super chicken rice lady in the middle

I really have to salute the chicken rice lady as she recently gave birth to her baby (I should ask her what sex her baby was), and previously while she was pregnant, she would still go about and serving chicken rice. Really, she always looked as if her baby was too heavy but she would go about serving people.

Now if you are wondering why there aren't any photos of the food here, lets just say that it is that nice that my colleagues can't wait to dig into the food. If you ever want directions I would be more than happy to give them to you. If you are ever stuck in Cyberjaya and you are craving for some chicken rice or good food for that matter, drop me a message and I will definitely guide you to this wonderful stall.

My colleagues think that there are drugs in the chilli because I consume so much of it and every time when we drive back, I seem a little "high". But then again, I think its because I had just fulfilled my pork cravings.