Monday, 30 August 2004

Liverpool? Nah Shiterpool

Honestly after watching Liverpool's appalling play throughout both halves, its a wonder that they will ever survive the Champions League let alone reaching top 6 of the Premiership this season. This has been the worst of all 3 matches Liverpool played so far. There was no determination from the entire team. I could even see Steven Gerrard losing confidence in his team. Its no wonder that he wanted to leave during the summer to join Chelsea, I mean, who wouldn't?

With no sense of determination and just simply waiting for the ball the land at their feet, the Liverpool players lost plenty of possesion for no reason at all and are constantly pressured by the Bolton players. Even during one of the corner kicks for Bolton when all of the Bolton attackers were happily camping in front of the goal without any Liverpool defenders to cover them. Of course there are exceptions like Josemi who played wonderfully, fighting for every ball where else players like Hamann who does not know the meaning of passing the ball forward and it seems to be like a joy for him to always pass the ball back. Really, if he ever passes a ball forward, its because he must have gotten his bearings wrong and thought that his goal was on the other side.

The two new signings I won't criticize, its their first time playing in the Premiership and it must be tough. I just don't get it, even under Rafael Benitez the still keep on playing the same old long ball tactic which makes those new signings unable to control the midfield long enough to pass the ball to Baros and Cisse. I pity the two of them having to run after those atrocious long balls from the defence. It just show that old habits die hard.

Don't even get me started with Stephen Warnock. All those balls he gave away together with Hamann would definitely think that the two of them are under Sam Allardyce's payroll.

This "new" Liverpool doesn't have much changes except now that they are about £30million poorer. Could it be that Houllier has imbeded in them his tactics that they just can't let it go and not pay any heed to Benitez's instructions? No matter how much you try to beautify shit like putting fancy ribbons on it or spray perfume on it, at the end of the day, shit will always remain shit!

Even lady luck was not on our side after that darn linesman called Garcia's goal an offside. He better go check his eyesight for the next match. Its always at this time when you wish there were electronic replays to help with the decision making.

After all this I have to say that Liverpool still deserve some support. Its really a wonder that they didn't let it more goals. Some credit have to go to Carragher, Josemi and Dudek. Just need to work harder and communicate better amongst their new team mates and aim for glory!