Sunday, 22 August 2004

Two days in foodland?

No I am not talking about Penang, but Malacca! This is the place to get great and wonderful food. If only my doctor didn't ask me to lose 15kgs I would have done the usual. Eat chicken rice ball (rice squished in to a shape of a ball) for lunch and then satay celup for dinner. That would be my usual routine with of course eat yam chee cheong fun for breakfast the next day and snack during lunch time with some good old wan tan mee and finish off with a good nonya meal for dinner. Now wouldn't that be the life? To just eat and eat and eat! Well that would just make you guys out there as fat as me haha. Anyway what I did instead was just to eat some good old satay (mind you, only 6 sticks) and some fried egg with oysters. Even as I write this right now, Chuen is feeding me duku langsat.

Tomorrow I start my diet and exercise routine. Since my doctor recommended that I go on an Atkins diet, looks like its no more carbs for me. Thanks to my busted knee, well not really busted, just not strong enough to support my huge upperbody weight (and no I am NOT big boned) I have to start swimming. Another way of getting money out of my pocket (RM5.25 per session). Anyhow, tomorrow is the start of a new week and I have an interview lined up on Tuesday. Wish me luck!