Wednesday, 25 August 2004

Three Days Update

Woke up to a beautiful morning, Liverpool had beaten Man City 2-1 and I am proud to be a Liverpool supporter! Come on lads, get us a couple of trophies this season! Although they are starting their Champions League qualifier round later in the week. Problem is, that it is held too early for Malaysians especially when I have to wake up early in the morning. In case you didn't know, I was in Malacca for a couple of days. Arrived back in time for a birthday party! Woohoo! The drive back from Malacca was tiring though.

Another day passes by and I manage to get a good swim in the morning and get me some shelves from Ikea. They had this meal deal where I got a chicken chop and a bottemless soft drink for only RM5.50. Nowonder the whole place was packed. The helping was extremely large as well. So much for me losing weight but I could say that I went swimming in the morning for about 2 hours. Since worship practice was cancelled, I caught the night viewing of Collateral starring Tom Cruise. In my opinion, it was a good movie and I thought the storyline was pretty ok and decent. What I loved about the show was how it actually laid out the fact of the meaning of "collateral" itself unlike other movies such as Collateral Damage. Anyhow I won't blurt out any parts of the movie but to you under 18s, haha too bad! Can't wait to watch Alien versus Predator though. Wonder if I can book it in advance.

Went for a job interview at JVC in Shah Alam. Didn't really go off that well. They asked me quite a lot of technical questions since I applied for a position in the R&D section, so its normal that they ask technical questions. Looks like I have lots of revising to do for my upcoming interviews! Played basketball at church and there were a huge crowd there. Managed to sweat a lot but I think the two chicken mayo sandwich which I had for dinner probably replaced what I had lost during sports. Sigh, only less than 2 weeks to show some results!