Tuesday, 10 August 2004


Alright, I do agree that in the UK, we as consumers are pampered by the after sales service that they provide there. I actually thought Malaysia would be trying to achieve great or even good after sales service but where is the courtesy? No manners and no passion to even want to try to please the customers. All you see is an irritated face or maybe a person's voice that sounds dissatisfied and you are the customer who is really dissatisfied. We can all shout Malaysia Boleh and all but what good is it shouting that out with a frown on your face? I just wonder whether sales people in shops will become friendly instead of just standing there like zombies and when you ask them something, all they do is just either point you to something or just give a single word answer. At least do it with a smile!!! Sigh, no matter how polite you might be or how interested you are as a customer they can just be so cold. I would definitely love to just tell their boss about their behaviour. Seriously, that thought will always ponder in my mind the next time I get shitty service.

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deborah said...

Hello, mark! Drifted from Yahkid's blog n found urs! Hehe... I'm a friend of Su Chuen by the way.

You're from Sheffield??? Kool! I've got friends there. Does Algene Tan ring a bell?? ;p