Monday, 9 August 2004

Streamxy Up and running!

Woohoo, its finally here, my broadband internet connection, Streamxy. Honestly I have to say that Telekom's response was very good. I signed up for Streamxy last week on Wednesday and by Thursday they called me up to set a date so that the tech guy could come over to set it up and by Saturday I was up and running. Talk about efficient nowadays. Too bad Webbit.

On another note, I was at the new 1 Utama wing today looking around for laptops and after spotting a new shop (same row as Roti Boy), I think the name of the shop was E-Box, I went into the shop and started browsing through a Fujitsu flyer. Then I asked the salesman about the Fujitsu Lifebook notebook and asked him why the price stated on the flyer was cheaper than the price displayed. Then he just looked at me like a robot and then just pointed at some price tag or paper with the computer's specs on it. Well the price difference was RM300 and the reason for the extra charge was that, that particular laptop came with Windows XP Pro instead of the Home Edition. I thought fine, there is definitely a price difference. But what irritated me the most was how unfriendly the salesperson was. One was eating away on his packed lunch while the one that served me, his face was longer than measuring tape as though he had just lost the winning ticket to the lottery. Nowonder the shop is always empty. In case you do go snooping around to check out the shop, its at the bottom floor, the one that connects between the old wing and the new wing in 1 Utama.

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Yahkid said...

Hey dude!

Ian here. Nice meeting you again just now. Yeah, can download stuff dy. Come visit me lah, can check out my stuff...