Saturday, 14 August 2004

Problems and more problems as usual

I think I feel that I am somewhat of a magnet that attracts computer related problems. So far, there is never a time where I can actually go through computer stuff without problems. In the beginning it started off with being conned or how shall I say, fell prey to those thieving dealers who quote really cheap prices for a computer and then give you scrap components that hardly functions properly. Or how about buying something with a 1 year warranty and once that warranty expires, the item fails? Well this is typically how I felt about 4-5 years ago.

Actually the only time when there weren't any problems was when I bought my Dell Inspiron 8000 laptop before I went over to the UK. Believe you me, it was the best 1 and a half years in terms of computer problems for me. That is why when anyone asks me for my opinion on laptops, Dell would certainly come to mind first. But as much as reliability was an issue, performance issues started creeping up. Newer programs and OS like Windows XP started to arrive and my laptop began to take heavy beating from memory and power hungry applications.

Then came my desktop. This was the mama of all problems, well, honestly I would say that in the course of all these problems, I managed to learn a lot about computers including dismantling and assembling computers, cable management, how to pick the right hardware and various other hardware stuff. The only thing was that my side of the brain that deals with software seemed to have packed and gone on a long holiday. So more and more issues with software such as windows crashing (yes even with XP), viruses, trojans and now networking problems. Well it all comes down to one thing.

God is teaching me patience!