Monday, 16 August 2004

Liverpool off to a great start?

To think that I was happy with Owen leaving for Real Madrid and that Rafael Benitez could have changed Liverpool, but after yesterday's match, tears started to flow again. Well it could have been the fact that Gerard Houllier was still at the match working as a commentator for a French TV but the fact that Liverpool that was the favourites to win yesterdays game only managed a draw? Cisse played marvelously but Sinama? He is of a different level altogether. I never knew anyone could actually come on as a substitute and act like a total idiot throughout the game, giving balls away, getting yellow cards and giving away free kicks. That to me is just pure stupidity. He definitely needs to up his level of the game if he wants to improve.

On another note, its my mum's birthday today, I won't mention her age or else she will murder me but another Happy Birthday from me! Woohoo!

Well for your information, I went to the doctors last week on Friday about knee problems and I found out that the cause of my problems was that I was overweight. Yes, I have put on a hefty 5kg since I returned from the UK and I need to lose about 15kgs altogether. Since my knees can't take my weight, I can't jog or jump that much so it looks like its swimming and cycling from now onwards till I lose about 10kg. Wish me luck! I start my regime tomorrow. Also, the doctor recommended that I go on an Atkins diet. Now isn't that controversial?

Today, I have been baffled by the number of stupid Malaysian drivers out there. It really does amaze me that I can actually meet lousy drivers everyday. I am not the type that will blame small things because I know that everyone is not perfect but doing stupid things like when looking for a parking lot and can't make up their minds when there are like a hundred spaces and then keep on braking to see whether if that particular parking space suits their tastes, come on, there is a queue of cars waiting behind you!

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