Friday, 11 November 2005

Computing Hazards

I always felt that when it comes to computers, I am somewhat of a jinx because sometime in my computer's life cycle, one component would fail and affect the others. Recently with my computer of 4 years, my power supply, motherboard and graphics card was fried. At first my computer would have "hiccups" where it will constantly reset itself out of nowhere. I always thought that there was a connection problem between the power supply and my motherboard and last week when I checked the connection, I noticed that one of the pins were black for both the motherboard and power supply.

A quick trip to the local computer shop allowed me to change my motherboard, processor and power supply. Although I am an avid Lowyat supporter, this time, time was not on my hand and since I work from 8am to 6pm in Shah Alam, getting to KL would be too much of a hassle for me. This computer shop doesn't really specialize in what I would deem "cable management" for PCs. Since my casing has a window, I pride myself for having a neat PC inside but thanks to "superior" (sense the sarcasm) cable management, it looks like a tornado hit it. Also I am contemplating on turning off those darn CCFL lights which makes my PC glow at night. I just can't sleep with them turned on.

Well the picture was taken in Sheffield. Since then I added in two more CCFL lights. Hey, I thought it was cool then. I definitely do need to spend more time managing the cables as well as putting up cable sleeves for my power supply.

Actually I am rather thankful that computer prices has dropped drastically over the years. I am still short of a workable graphics card, my current one works but not for games. Maybe God is trying to tell me to stop playing Dota so much. But I am rather pleased with my new computer set up and hopefully it should last me for another 3-4 years.

Also National Chili Week is here. I always loved eating Chili, not our usual local ones such as curry or "sambal" but those enjoyed by westerners. Actually in true honesty, I loved the fusion between mexican style chili and a hint of Malaysian curry taste. I remember Ikea in 1Utama (a long while ago), they served these chili dogs which had that fusion of chili cum curry sauce over the hot dog. It was definitely mouth watering and extremely tasty. Too bad it is long gone now.

Man am I getting hungry now...

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dinghy said...

Really man, I dont see how chilli, cum and curry sauce is a good combo on a hotdog. That sounds like something Seng would suggest in his "which one would you rather eat" questions. :P

And yes, you should be cutting down on DOTA. Come out more, go jalan... catch a movie, go bowling, play pool/snooker, futsal, whatever! Just no more DOTA... please!