Wednesday, 23 November 2005

Hot Teachers!

Ok, imagine you are a teenage boy/girl and you just passed puberty a couple of years back. Being all innocent, you sit in class and try to concentrate on schoolwork while trying to fight off images of the person sitting next to you showing you monkey faces. The next thing you know, a hot teacher comes into the classroom and you thought you died and went to heaven. Now the teacher is young, maybe a fresh graduate from some teaching university. Slowly, the more you stare at him/her, the more your hormones rage through your body.

Then you notice that you are becoming the teacher’s pet. Favours pour out more and more for him/her, you are willing to help carry books, collect homework assignments or even help him/her carry stuff to his/her car. More and more times the two of you have great conversations, you fall gaga over his/her eyes and you dream more and more of him/her. Sometimes you accidentally touched him/her and a tingling feeling fills your entire body.

One day, a simple chose such as staying back after class to have a “discussion” turns out to be something that changed your lives forever. The closed room created an atmosphere of pleasure and sin, in the end the two of you sleep together. You feel great because it was your first time and you want to continue doing it again. A month later, you have already done it with him/her in the classroom, broom closet, him/her house or anywhere for that matter. Remember, you are only a youth.

Now this may seem more and more common for a Western society but slowly this culture might seep into our own Asian culture. In fact, there are already a few cases of this happening right in our own schools, colleges, and universities. The reason why I am ranting on this topic is because of this news article I read today.

Honestly, I don’t think anyone would be dumb enough to believe that they couldn’t “control” themselves because of work stress. Of course this is just her plead for insanity. How much stress can you get from teaching high school kids? If that were the case then I think a lot of people would just blame it all on stress.

I think stress is such a powerful word; it can be used to express the state they are in as well as use it as a tool for blaming their mistakes on. Handling stress is something a lot of people can do; some complain that they are stressed out while others vent it out on alcohol, smoking or even drugs. Of course it never is easy to live a stress free life unless you are super rich and you have absolutely no responsibilities. In China, more and more university students are committing suicide due to study stress.

Time and time again I see our local education system as somewhat heading towards a direction where studying is the utmost importance. This causes more and more stress in our lives including our children. With their already busy day at school, what more to come home only to head out for tuition until late night and then start the cycle again. Where is the time for fun? Where is the time to build relationships and socialize? Where is the time for them to learn that in life, there are other things besides earning a lot of money?

It is our own mentality that induces stress at a young age. Of course we want the best for ourselves and children, but it will come at a very high cost.

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dinghy said...

It'll soon be Christmas season! This lil vid ought to set the mood... wonder if we'll ever see any home done up like that in M'sia?