Friday, 25 November 2005


Darn it, the line was too long at the canteen and by the time it got to my turn they ran out of nasi lemak. So much for a brisk walk, I should start sprinting there the next time. That will really build an appetite.

Recently I had or still have a craving for nasi lemak. Every morning I would find myself drawn to the nasi lemak counter in my canteen and would be extremely sad if they ran out of it by the time I got there. Yes, my department is located rather far from the canteen but a quick brisk walk is always good before breakfast.

I really wonder if it is that anti-drug campaign I've been hearing on the radio that says instead of getting high on drugs, you can get high on nasi lemak. Anyhow, its almost breakfast time soon, can't wait to eat some nasi lemak. I'm getting a little hungry.

Also I came about a little clip recorded from a live radio show in the Lowyat Forums. Its rather funny at the same time pitiful for the related people. Well not the guy whose been cheating on both his wife and girlfriend though. Download it to listen to it.

For those of you who are interested in finding out more about great food nearby, check out this site.