Wednesday, 30 November 2005

User Bars?

I chanced upon this site which creates Userbars for people who frequent forums as part of their daily routine. These bars in a way reflect a little bit of our own personality in these so called forums which are always anonymous. Well here are my own userbars which I selected to display my own character and personality.

Ah one of my favourite TV series. Almost as good as CSI: Las Vegas though, almost.

I think you can never get bored watching friends.

Pity there was only 6 seasons of this cartoon.

The black car with the red LED lights moving left and right driving you crazy? Kit lives!

Now if only I can get my car to be pimped, I wouldn't mind a 42" plasma TV.

Best cartoon series ever!

Its so sad to know that all 6 episodes have been released. There is really nothing else to look forward to...

Futsal every Sunday!

I am a zombie without my morning coffee

I admit it, I am a computer addict. TV? Who needs them!

A nice cuppa anyone?

Everyone is a money user, unless you live in the jungle and survive on eating fruits.

Nero to burn my CDs and DVDs.

Ok, who of you still use the bush to do number 2?

Windows Media Player on both PC and PDA.

Windows XP, until Vista comes along.

My wonderful Motorola bluetooth headset keeps the police from fining me when I use the handphone while driving.

My mouse and keyboard serves me well!

My trusty Dell laptop still works after 4 years. Maybe I should use it for folding.

Who doesn't like Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo?

The good old days of college counter-strike!

Now this is ancient, a pentium I running this game lies somewhere in my locked up memory.

A huge change of pace compared to CS, a very slow and tactical game.

Ah the good old arcade days when I was too young to enter one. That never stopped me though.

When is version 2 coming out?

Can you say Ha-do-ken?

One of the best management game of the 90s.

A nice 500bhp C class would be nice :)

I use Adidas futsal shoes. Quite nice and comfy.

Why drink Coke when there is Coke Light?

Fanta orange is nice!

Nike has brainwashed me.....

Sony has brainwashed me too.....

I am using Firefox even now!

Google Mail, Google Earth, Google Adsense, Google Analytics, so many more...

My old ancient messenger...

I love to have two types of navigators.

Without MSN, I can't keep in touch with people!

The good old days of mIRC. Well gone are those days, I think...

Before Gmail, there was Yahoo mail. Before Google Search, there was Yahoo search.

Wikipedia, the source of all things!