Tuesday, 8 November 2005

A Nice Long Break

It has been about 2 weeks since I last posted something here on this blog. Over the course of these two weeks, I experienced new horizons as well as tasted new food from two places which I shall explain a little further here.

Firstly let me begin with a typical restaurant that serves western food. My family and I went there to celebrate my dad’s birthday, located right smack in front of the NKVE highway, this hidden treat serves western food which is relatively cheap (if compared to places like Victoria Station or TGIF) and quite tasty. The shop was rather cozy offering both indoor and outdoor sitting areas. Since it was raining that night, my family and I decided on sitting outside (not those seating areas on the 5-foot walkways, mind you).

Since I haven't mentioned the name to you, its called Papa Grill and Mama Chops if I am correct. Its located near Bukit Mayang Mas, on the row of new shops, the same row as the mamak located on the corner of the block. Actually I had a bit of a mix with the name, my dad likes it to be called Papa Chops and Mama Bill instead.

I started off with a bowl of beef soup which came in a small pot. It tasted ok; nothing extremely special about it but what I ate together with it was what grabbed my attention.

I always loved having bread or buns with my soup so I decided to order a basket of fried buns. When it finally arrived, it came in a nice little basket together with a small dish of gravy. Honestly, I could just eat like 10 of those for dinner, with the gravy of course. In less than 5mins, all of the buns were eaten.

I ordered the Papa and Mama combo, or something like that. Unfortunately they totally forgot about my order and it took them an hour until my food arrived. My entire family finished eating their meals and my food hasn't even arrived yet. It seemed that there was some mix up and they gave my order to someone else instead. Anyhow it did finally arrive though.

The chicken was alright but the unusual or special thing about this combo was the cheese filled sausage bun that came with it. Also the chicken uses the same gravy which the fried buns used and it came with a fried bun as well. I think I mainly got full from eating all of the buns. The cheese filled sausage bun wasn't that great because the cheese wasn't melted enough, I would prefer it if it were dripping out of the bun.

Another new place which I tried out over the long raya and deepavali holidays was the Kuang Train Station kopitiam located in 1 Utama (new wing). Since Chuen's brother was working there part time, I thought it would be amusing to try out their ever so special "coffee" as well as half boiled eggs and toast, your usual kopitiam style food.

The place was packed with customers and teen waiters and waitresses. The crowd instead were mainly adults trying to enjoy a nice cup of coffee while shopping. Well if you looked at the prices then you would definitely guess that young kids wouldn't dream of eating at a place like that. It may serve kopitiam food but the prices are definitely not kopitiam standard as well.

Without even looking at the menu, I settled for half boiled eggs, a set of bread with butter and kaya and a cup of hot coffee. What arrived came to me as a shock. Well that is because I have a very stereotyped view of how kopitiam food should be. The toasted bread were not the fat thick ones you get at coffeeshops, instead they were like toasted High5 bread. Another thing was that there were only 2 slices for the price of RM1.80. The eggs were normal, nothing much you can actually do with half boiled eggs though. It took me less than 3 mins to finish what I wanted to call my lunch.

There is an old saying whereby if you put your half boiled eggs shells in the cup, it sort of signifies that the meal wasn't any good. So that was what I did.

The coffee on the other hand tasted as if there was butter added in. Serious! But it was way too sweet for me so I had to request that more ice be put in to dilute the entire drink. It was nice because the mixture of a cool place while sipping hot coffee reminds me of the days when I was in Sheffield. Thats the only satisfaction I got because there is no way other kopitiams outside can offer cool air.

So these were the two places I tried out. In conclusion, I shall just stick to my usual favourite mamak hangouts, coffeeshops and fast food joints!