Monday, 21 November 2005

The way to geekdom...

GameCon-1 is only 2 weeks away and I have yet to learn much about Acquire, Memoir'44, Carcassonnes and even Settlers of Catan. Man, have I got a mountain of tasks to complete including practicing up on my mandarin. So the best thing to do is to check out on more veteran board gamers and learn from them. Of course with some help my good buddy Seng.

Yesterday I was invited to a gaming session and man, was it fun. We played a game of Wallenstein. I can't really explain it to you because it's a German game and it was my second game. My play was extremely passive that I eventually ran out of units to place on the map because I hadn't lost any as I chose not to battle during any of my 3 seasons.

The next game was an auction game called Trimfabrik or something like that. I really suck at spelling out German games anyway. It was rather interesting and fun. The last game was the main attraction for me. Although we didn't manage to finish the game due to time constraints, Railroad Tycoon was the most fun game for me. I hadn't played the computer version of this game and according to Seng, the concept of the game was extremely similar to another game called "The Age of Steam". After playing about 3 rounds, I managed to learn that my first move was absolutely rubbish and that trying to make money from railroads is not as easy as it seems.

Another point, the board is huge!

Moving from one place of the board to the other is not easy. Darn, I got to get my fat ass off the chair and start placing my tracks on more lucrative routes!


I just found out that as I wrote this post, I have turned into a fully fledged geek. The score on my sidebar should be increased to 90% and my glasses should be thicker and rounder. Why is that? Because I am sitting here in my office during my lunch hour and surfing the web for board game rules. How nerdy can that be? The ups and downs of my life, it really never ceases to amaze me. This revelation came as I was reading my own posts. Ok, right after GameCon-1, I'll have to do some cool stuff, or at least try doing something cool.