Thursday, 24 May 2007

Early Morning Frustrations

Just when I thought that losing 5 games in a row at badminton on Tuesday night was frustrating enough, watching Liverpool play AC Milan was much worse. Why? Because I sacrificed sleep to watch the match in the wee hours of the morning only to be welcomed by a disappointing and lackluster performance by Liverpool.

I could say that Liverpool seemed to look like the better side with more shots at goal but their accuracy was a totally different subject. Wasted efforts and wide shots seemed to be the life long mission for Liverpool's players.

Without the emergence of a black sheep that is Steven Gerrard within the ranks of the Liverpool team, the team seemed lost and mistake after mistake emerged as they try to bring the ball past Dida. Zenden should have been removed earlier as I thought he played horrendously while Gerrard was pretty much quiet most of the time.

I can only rant and rant about this team but if Benitez does not do anything about Liverpool and their players (I am hoping that the new owners are willing to spend on quality players), we can only see Liverpool fighting for a 3rd spot again next season as Man Utd and Chelsea continue to rampage the Premier League.

On another note, I read an article on the web that Proton Dealers are having a tough time because apparently the implementation of the National Automotive Policy early last year, in addition to the tightening of hire purchase loan approvals by Bank Negara, had further affected sales.

My take is that we are moving towards a globalism and fighting on near-fair grounds against competing car makers, Proton falls extremely short in almost every segment except for price here in Malaysia. But that has already been shot at by the emergence of Perodua.

To no end will we see the decline for Proton Dealers unless Proton itself starts to bolster its already sorry line-up of cars and start to manufacture quality cars to compete in an ever competitive market.