Sunday, 13 May 2007

Pre-U Getaway Photos

I've finally decided to sit down and learn how to edit photos using some online tutorials which I did find pretty useful as well as my stack of Digital Camera Malaysia magazines. Proved to be quite useful or maybe my pictures could do with a little bit more work in terms of post processing.

Anyway, J-mes has been commenting or asking me where the photos are so here are some of them which I picked randomly from the entire collection of photos I took in the period of about 6 hours. Since I drove there alone, I had my new companion in my car to keep me company on the way there.

Of course I needed some shades as well because the sun was shining directly right into my eyes.

Also thanks to me being sleep deprived, this is the best thing that could keep me awake as well.

One of the games which was ongoing when I arrived on the scene.

Winners posing for something, not too sure what :P

Interesting host I took, trying to get emphasis on the sky. Maybe I could have edited the sky nicer.

The games organizer getting his just reward

Chicken little, hoping that the sky doesn't fall on his head.

The super sifus!

Well these are all the shots which I managed to edit but if you want to see the entire collection (unedited), I've uploaded them into my Picasa Web Album, click on the link below to access it.


Just as I am said...

finally!! yes ur the i'm no chicken little ok

Mark said...

Hahaha, sorry about that but I just couldn't resist mentioning that with the bowl over your head :P

Lizzie said...


Great pics man!!! XD
I can imagine the camp itself thru the pics i see in like de camper's blogs!

Mark said...

I realised that the pictures here look underexposed. Seems like I need to recalibrate my monitor again.