Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Of Guitars and Practice - Part 1

Last Sunday was an extremely fun day for me, went to church in the morning, headed to Ikano for brunch, shopped a little bit at Ikea and finally relaxed with a nice cup of coffee at The Curve. That took up the entire morning and afternoon and I decided I wanted to do something which I have been too lazy to do for a long while, restring my three of my guitars at home.

What's the scope of this action?
  1. Electric guitar - Les Paul Gibson Studio Gem
  2. Acoustic guitar - Talman Inter City
  3. Classical guitar - Yamaha CG100
To be honest, the very thought of that made me want to procrastinate as I knew it would take quite a bit of time because I am definitely not good at restringing guitars. So I thought, why not give it a go and to do that I needed to gear up.

Heading straight to 1 Utama, I remembered seeing certain items at the Guitar Collection I could get to help me. So into the shop I went and picked up the following items.

1) A set of Elixir strings, I bought a medium set.

2) A set of D'Addario Pro Arte strings (EJ45C - Normal Tension Silverplated Wound Clear Nylon)

3) A Planet Waves Pro winder - definitely a must have to improve stringing efficiency! This is definitely a God send, the time it took me to restring two strings on my Les Paul, I took the same amount of time to restring the remaining 4 strings on the Les Paul and my acoustic guitar as well!

4) A Planet Waves Lemon Oil - something to clean my fret board with to sustain the wood on the fret.

In total, the entire cost came up to about RM160+ with the strings alone costing more than RM100. To me it is an investment since the last time I changed the strings on my classical guitar was more than 10 years ago and the last time I took my old acoustic guitar out of the case ever since it flew in from Sheffield was 2 years ago, I guessed I have procrastinated long enough.

To be continued.......