Monday, 7 May 2007

Half a Weekend Away

The weekend sort of flew by for me, considering that I start my weekend on Friday nights with the usual cell group and then leading up all the way to Sunday night. This time, I was stuck with quite a fair bit of work on Friday night causing me to arrive home at about 10pm, only because the office was getting a little stuffy (so much for saving electricity and letting all the employees who work the night shift suffer from a heat stroke!).

In contrast to that, I was of course greeted by my ever cool room (with the air-con turned on of course) and instead of working on some documents, I ended up chilling out instead. A much needed rest from a tiring week. Of course I ended up sleeping quite late on Friday night but with the fact that I could sleep in on Saturday morning.

That led to me waking up super late on Saturday itself; almost close to 12pm but I welcomed the much needed sleep. My plan was to head over to Malaysian Theology Seminary or STM to check out the Pre-U Getaway which started on Friday itself.

Well thanks to me waking up late and running a couple of errands in the afternoon (lunch, buying lunch for my sis, checking out Canaanland for my mum, buying tickets online for the Sarawak Rain Forest Festival), I finally left my place at about 3.30pm and headed towards USJ where I decided to drop my guitar off for de-humidifying at the Acoustic Shack.

After dropping that off, I decided to take an easy and comfortable drive towards Senawang which ended up me being lost trying to find out where in the world the place was. 10 minutes of senseless driving about figuring out that I am definitely going the wrong way, I decided to retrace my route and finally found a small road leading towards the seminary.

Armed with my Nikon D40 with a standard kit lens, a 70-300mm lens and my 50mm F1.8 lens, I went ahead and started snapping shots when the happy campers were playing their tele-match games. Not often do I get to actually take shots of events and I guess it is good practice for me. Unfortunately I do not have any of the photo's yet because Grace borrowed my camera from me to use at a wedding she is attending.

Once I get it back from her, I will definitely post those pictures up. So I stayed in Senawang till about 12am, waiting for uncle and aunty to finish their extremely interesting session on relationships. Of course not without practicing to take some indoor pictures under fluorescent light with the 50mm lens without the use of a flash. I do hope that the pictures turn out well, still managed to shoot most of the shots at 1/60 shutter speed.

The drive back was good, I kept to the speed limit as well as had company so it didn't feel at all lonely and quiet. Took me about an hour to reach back home and traffic was quite smooth along the highway.

Sunday on the other hand was a relaxing day with the usual McGarage in the morning followed by 2nd celebration and then lunch, the sun was searing hot and even in my air-conditioned room, I couldn't take a short nap. So much for my plan to go for a 7km run, I was just too stoned out and irritated that my C&C 3 crashed on me for the 3rd time on the same mission.

Now, I feel the need to do more running because the Pacesetters 15km run is just two weeks away and its a hilly course and I had little training before this. I really need to start tuning my run!


Just as I am said...

oioi...hahaha i wan those pictures

Mark said...

Can can can, as soon as I get them back from Grace :P