Monday, 13 September 2004

Great weekend

Spent the Saturday and Sunday hanging out with my cell group at Frasers. Although its a pity that I couldn't have joined them earlier on Friday but those two days with them was a real blessing for me. I managed to get to know each and everyone a little better and also get closer as a cell group. Funniest thing was that we have identified Jessey as the next cell leader as soon as the cell multiplies, woohoo to Jessey!

Not only did I have a great time, Liverpool won as well. Its about time that they did, after all that spending. Its a pity that the match wasn't shown live but it did give me the pleasure to see Man Utd draw against Bolton which I thought they should have lost.

Oh well, another weekend gone, another week to go. Its back to work, although right now, my company is paying me to actually shake my legs :P