Thursday, 16 September 2004

Japanese? Nihon-go?

So after a week I finally gotten a computer. Well of course there are complaints. First of all the computer is not a new one, I only managed to get this old one computer from the software group. Its a Pentium II running on Windows NT Japanese version. Talk about language barrier but thanks to me being so bored with nothing to do everyday in the office, having a computer that can actually surf the net is a great blessing. Except today when I tried writing my weekly report but I couldn't do much because Microsoft Word was in Japanese and everytime I typed something only Japanese characters came out so I had to type everything in notepad and then copy and paste it into Word. Now that wasn't so difficult no? Can't wait for tomorrow, having my second Japanese class. Hope to learn a bit more as time goes by.

So again the same old routine, after work leave around 5.45pm, well I have to leave after that. I can't sign out before 5.45pm or else my boss will kick my hide. So as usual I am bogged by the decision to choose which way to take back. If I take the NKVE all the way back its going to be RM1.50 but to get to the NKVE Shah Alam exit, I need to go through countless traffic lights. Another method is to head in to the Federal Highway and then in to the NKVE at the Subang exit. In total it would cost RM1.90. RM0.40 everyday for around 20+ days is about RM10 difference. So is time more worth it or is saving RM10 a month?

Today was great because I have no plans tonight and I can actually spend more time with Chuen. Brought her out for dinner and then to IKEA to help her find a table for her room. It really is a great blessing to be with her. So great that I am willing to do anything for her. Oh well, enough ranting. Time to go to bed and wake up super duper early for work. Can't wait for the weekend. Adios or sayonara!