Saturday, 25 September 2004

A week so fast

Its already been 3 weeks since I started working and I think that I am getting the hang of sleeping around 6-7 hours a night but definitely I do need my coffee and morning sms' to Chuen when I arrive at work. Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee before starting work. For the past two weeks I usually get my morning dosage of coffee at the mamak in Centrepoint Bandar Utama but charging me RM1.90 for Nescafe ice is really too much. So from now on, if you see me driving to work in the morning just beware as there is a zombie behind the wheel.

Time seemed to go by pretty quickly at work. Although I may not have that much to do but even the smallest chores like printing out schematics can take about 5 hours to complete or attending a meeting with suppliers, 2 hours can just fly by.

Exercise seems right now to be a rare occasion for me as most of my nights I have something on but I am trying to squeeze in a couple of badminton sessions to shed those unsightly fats around my tummy. Jogging is alright but I can’t do it long term thanks to my weak knees that cannot support my heavy upper body. So that is it for the “joggers high” one can get from jogging thanks to all the heavily pumped endorphins running through your system.

Oh man, I just saw a topless guy driving his huge garbage truck, now isn’t that a lovely sight to behold? The nature of God’s wonderful creation, displayed at the peak of its beauty right before my eyes. Hah, its no wonder why I need to change my contacts ever so often.