Saturday, 18 September 2004

Praise God

Today I was in church for a full day Campus Youth Zone planning for next year's event. I was really all fired up and even though I had less than 5 hours of sleep the night before, I stayed awake because I was just so excited with all the things that came out during the planning. The meeting finished at about 4pm and I was supposed to take Jun Liang out to Lowyat Plaza to get a computer but due to circumstances we didn't go instead and I came home hoping to have a good rest before meeting up with my good friend Vincent.

The weather really didn't help, the rain was pouring and the lightning was just blazing away in the sky while traffic was slowed to a crawl at about almost everywhere. So when I reached home, I gave a huge sigh of relief since the rain was just so heavy, all I wanted to do was go in and watch some TV or shows on my computer. I took out my gate remote control and guess what? It didn't work, the lights were out in my house so I guessed that the lightning caused the circuits to trip in my house and I couldn't open the gate at all. Taking a glance at the weather, I considered whether I should get the umbrella but I just ran down and quickly opened the side gate and rushed in, turned on the electricity and then opened the automatic gate and drove in. All drenched now, all I wanted even more was take a nice hot shower and then a short nap to recooperate the sleep that I lost throughout the week.

I went in to my room, turned on my computer and the monitor just went kaput. Well it didn't really go kaput but it just couldn't work. I tried at first to start my computer in safe mode but it still couldn't register my monitor. Then remembering all the things my friends mentioned about Samsung monitors, I felt a slight fear in my heart thinking that the monitor might have burnt out. But after checking with another monitor, it seemed that my graphics card had konked out instead. Now this was after countless tries trying to reset my computer settings and restoring all the points on Windows but still it still didn't work. By this time, 2 hours had passed and I was getting more and more frustrated and I was praying so hard to God. Then after trying for so long and praying as well, I told God that it is all up to him and I was already considering thinking of taking a loan from my parents to finance a new graphics card and thinking of my monthly budget.

I took a shower and then took out my graphics card and reinstalled it again and praise God! It worked. This post here is a testament to show that God really is great and mighty and wonderful, of course, I used my computer to write it and the incident just happened. So many times has He miraculously helped, but time and again, complacency creeps in to my life again. I remembered that I should always seek first His kingdom then all these shall be given unto me. I do admit that most of the time I am driven by material wealth and I do admit that I am very materialistic especially when it comes to technology. I just love all those gadgets and stuff. But today God has humbled me and that man does not live on technology alone but solely for God's purpose.

Now I believe that technology was created so that man can use it to help him fulfill God's purpose for Him. With such great advances especially in communication, we can spread his Word further and further in to those un-reached areas. No more can man give the excuse of not being able to spread His word. Excuses are just created to cover up our complacencies.