Tuesday, 14 September 2004

Something New?

What do you get after following all 10 seasons of FRIENDs? For one thing, maybe stand a chance of challenging Joshua Ting in a FRIENDs quiz which I know I will sincerely lose. Second of all, I can always look forward to the next new spin off series by Matt Le Blanc entitled "Joey". Ok before I update more on that, let me finish viewing the first episode. It was released last week and since I was away during the weekend I didn't have the time to watch it and give it my personal review.

Lets begin, Joey? He still the same, Matt plays the same Joey character after leaving his friends (FRIENDs) in New York. Now he resides in sunny side Hollywood, California trying out as a budding actor. Hanging out with his sister together with his nephew, Joey tries to find a new start to life after Friends in Hollywood. The joke concept isn't that much a stray from the previous friends but hey, it still entertains me to some extent. All in all, I give it a 7/10. Can't wait to see how this new series go. Directed by Kevin Bright and resident Friend David Schwimmer, unless you are a Friends fanatic, you just can't go wrong with this formula they put together.