Wednesday, 15 September 2004

Wednesday? Its all downhill from here!

Ok, everyday I go to my office and sit down at an empty desk thinking what am I going to do today. Usually for the past week I have been doing some volunteer reading, which means reading some documents regarding NTSC and PAL systems as well as other misc. items. Today I was glad because I knew what I had to do. It was training conducted in-house by my company. The title? Advanced Excel. Thinking that this would definitely increase my efficiency with Microsoft Excel, I thought, hey why not and have a go?

So 9am I was sitting eagerly in the HR department training room and of course, Malaysian time means it starts at 9.30am. After introducing ourselves, we started off with some basic templates and learning how to utilize them which was then followed by styles. After that came the interesting parts such as macros and pivot tables. All in all, from 9am till 5pm, my entire time was fully occupied and I was glad that I had something to do as well as learning something important. Of course there were a few moments when I just blurred out and I was caught because the teacher asked me some questions and I just sat there giving her a dazed look. So much for a long attention span. The funniest thing about all this was that when I talked to Jolene just now over dinner, it seems that what I learned today was basic. Yes BASIC. My oh my, now I can't wait for the intermediate level, if they were ever going to give one :)