Tuesday, 28 September 2004


Yesterday and today weren't very good days. Firstly I was quite sick yesterday and I am slightly better today. Hopefully I should be alright by tomorrow. I am thinking that my body is still not used to sleeping around 6 and a half hours everyday so it became weak and more vunerable to disease haha. Anyway I was just lying in bed most of the time today and all I did was watch more episodes of Topgear, didn't know that the Mazda RX8 was pretty good especially since it has a 1.3litre engine which can whoop out an outstanding 236bhp. Other than that I managed to see a couple of a new TV series called LAX which stands for Los Angeles Exchange which is the 2nd most busiest airport in the US I think. Story gets pretty interesting and I just can't wait to see the 3rd episode.

In the afternoon I tried looking for the panel clinic where I can get free medical check-ups thanks to JVC but I couldn't find it and I just gave up and went to Centrepoint anyway. Looks like there goes RM25 I'll never see again. The best part about the whole day today was Chuen taking time off her busy studying schedule to come and visit me after uni. That was really sweet of her to bring me out for a drink and cheer me up, which it definitely did.

Added in a new link to Josh's blog as well as some free advertising for my company ;).