Thursday, 7 July 2005


Have you ever wondered if the things that happen to you were meant or part of something bigger than that you would ever know? Ever wonder that every action or decision that we make would have consequences so huge that we could not even comprehend? Have you ever wondered if the people around you really meant what they say? I learned that politics is everywhere, we just can't avoid it but the main important point is our agenda. Sometimes I just wished that I knew everyone's agenda so decisions can be made much easier, I really do. But that is how the world goes, everyone is out there to gain something for themselves. Long gone are the sincere, even honour and integrity seem to be a word of past. Why is that? And I thought human civilization is supposedly advancing but I guess not. Technology may be going the right way but not our morals and stands. It’s very sad to see this.

Important standards are fading, human rights abused, laws twisted to suit the "advancement" of humankind and yet you see more and more of us succumbing to what the world sees fit. In the midst of this huge dark cloud, I am searching passionately for that silver lining because I know that there is one there. We just can't see the bigger overall picture! But I do trust that God knows best. If we can never find that silver lining, be the silver lining and shine out bright through the darkest regions. The light will shine through, penetrating through the mist of uncertainty and shrouds of evil. Its always easy to say, but action takes a lot more than mere words.

I believe in you, I believe Your word has set me free!