Tuesday, 12 July 2005

A good break

The last three days for me was like heaven, except that it was here on Earth. I watched 3 movies over the weekend and I do have plenty to say about each and everyone of them but I won't go too much into detail. All three of them are based on either a book or a comic book but I would have to give Batman Begins the ultimate thumbs up! Seriously, it was a great and amazing movie to watch because not only does it touch on the superhero but how he became Batman and how he chose his path. What intrigued me the most was how Bruce Wayne obtained his gadgetry for Batman, I always thought that he was the mastermind behind all his high-tech weapons. Now at least we know who provided all those stuff to him.

Of course I have a bone to pick with them in regard to the Batmobile. Batman is supposed to be subtle, attack from the shadows, be invisible kind of guy and here you have a monstrous truck that makes noise even louder than a Boeing-747. Not so sneaky or subtle after all eh? But what amazed me was that that vehicle is actually real and they previewed it over one of the latest episodes of TopGear. A British company made it after no other American companies wanted to build one like it.

Speaking of TopGear, check out this section of their site which offers a good read as well as a few laughs. I do like their new layout, pretty awesome and cool. Damon Hill has topped the rest in the Celebrity Lap time but of course its rather unfair because Damon Hill used to be a F1 driver and not some preppy old chap singing for his supper in a cold London alleyway.

Now for the next super hero flick, I shall wait for the Fantastic Four. July is a month of movies for me. It was the first time for me entering in to GSC 1Utama and I can only say that the experience was great! Why? Because my knees are not touching the chair in front and every time I decide to cross my leg, it does not hit the person's head in front of me.