Monday, 18 July 2005

Malacca oh Malacca

The weekend was a blast because I celebrated it with two of my best friends, rAck and Quest. We rented out a bungalow at the A'Famosa Resort which came with a swimming pool and the place was absolutely gorgeous. In my head I actually thought that the bungalow would be some run down place but it really did prove me wrong. One the first day, all seven of us arrived and checked in at about 5ish where rAck decided to jump into the pool the instant we arrived at our allocated bungalow. While the rest played some catch with a baseball, I went on to try out rAck's new X-box and started racing through the streets of NFSU 2.

By dinner time we got the steamboat pot all ready and set up the table. There was plenty of food and I am very sure everyone enjoyed every bit of tasty morsel. Even with 4 guys, there were plenty of leftovers. Imagine, its like those MPPJ trucks can't take anymore rubbish from a neighbourhood. After dinner, we sat around the tele and chit chatted while Quest and Dinghy decided to try out Quest's new Memoirs 49 board game which in my opinion, looked extremely complicated. After that we all played a few rounds of Bang! which was absolutely hillarious. As time went by everyone turned in one by one.

Early the next morning, we headed down to Malacca town to eat some scrumptious chicken rice balls. As usual the place was packed and there were hardly any parking space. Don't let the long queue fool you, most of them are trying to buy some "popiah" and take it home. You DON'T need to line for a place, just wait for someone to leave. This time I am sure everyone was hungry since nobody ate breakfast except for the occasional MAMEE snacks. We walloped 75 chicken rice balls and 2 full chickens. That should definitely go into my Guiness Book of Records. After lunch it was farewell for all, we went our separate ways and I drove back to KL.

On another note, I came about an article on CNN where Hilary Clinton seems to be fuming about GTA:San Andreas. Apparently there are websites about where you can download a patch which allows you to do "lewd" acts and that really got the former first lady smoking through her ears. Read the article here.

"We should all be deeply disturbed that a game which now permits the simulation of lewd sexual acts in an interactive format with highly realistic graphics has fallen into the hands of young people across the country," Clinton wrote in a letter to the head of the Federal Trade Commission. - source (CNN)

Although the game has a M rating for Mature, I think they are trying to push it to an AO rating which means Adults Only. I wonder if they will succeed. Good luck to you, PatrickW (creater of the Hot Coffee mod).