Wednesday, 24 August 2005

Help Needed

Ok my luck hasn't been extremely good and I got a couple of things floating through my head while I try to figure out how to solve it. Well actually, my computer died on me and I am suspecting its the motherboard and my acoustic guitar's pick-up is gone as well. Problem right now is that my finances can't really keep up with all these extra costs so I figured out that I had to make some extra income in order to pay for those repairs. It all began about a couple of months ago when I was just thinking of making extra cash but now I know where that extra cash would be heading to.

So if you look along my sidebar, you would notice several Google links. Please help me by clicking on those links. I am sure those links will bring you to a very interesting website. It won't cost you anything at all. Only now can I hope to look forward to repairing my computer and acoustic guitar.

Remember, click, click, click!

Well so much for advertisements. Darn I am pretty hungry right now, but then again, when am I never hungry. I can't wait for dinner time, I haven't eaten anything the entire day. Naan sounds about right to me tonight though. I think I shall head over to Murni's tonight. Its been quite a while since I last been there. I guess the reason I am rather full was because I ate quite a lot last night with Dinghy, Quest and Lay Min at Mama's Kitchen. It was evident that we ordered too much food and everyone had trouble finishing their own share. Let just say we got owned pretty much.


JoSh said...

I'll click every day man..

Mavik said...

Thanks man, really appreciate it. But if I am not wrong, I think I need about a hundred thousand hits before I can get any amount of cash haha. Its never that easy I guess.

Looks like I have to improve on my blog's content to get those figures.