Thursday, 18 August 2005


I came across an article on the The Star's website stating about a family's experience with police breaking in to their homes. Well normally I would say good job to the policemen as they might have good notion and intentions to apprehend evil doers. But it wasn't so. Apparently the policemen broke in to their homes without a warrant and they were in plainclothes and did not arrive in a police marked vehicle. Of course that would be extremely suspicious to any respected citizen in any country but the men just identified themselves as police and did not show any form of identification.

"He said they are police officers and do not need a search warrant.

"They did not show any identification. They did not even come in a police car. How am I to know that they are real policemen?

Are policemen actually allowed to break into a home without a search warrant? If that were the case, then would any evidence found at the scene be permissible in court? But of course in this case, nothing was found but only a mental dent into the lives of that family was left.

Even so, the scariest bit for me was the reply from Ipoh OCPD Asst Comm Che Sab Hanafiah who said the following,

"They had shown their credentials to the house owner and when they were not allowed in, they have the right to break into the house to make a search even without a warrant."

I understand if it was for national security or the fight against terrorism but for suspecting the family to be involved in a betting syndicate? Was all of that really necessary? You decide for yourself.

Anyway, as the clock continue to tick away until we celebrate "Hari Merdeka" (Independance Day), I really wonder what have we learnt over the past 50 years. It is truly amazing to actually see how Malaysia has changed into a buzzing country with great food and heritage. Maybe I shouldn't let one isolated incident like this be the spoiler for a special day to come. Sometimes it takes just a single solitary incident for it to be blown out of proportion.


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