Monday, 22 August 2005

Rest and relaxation

On Friday night the worst thing happened to me. My personal computer died on me. After countless of hours trying to fix it, it really was beyond repair. Or so I think. There are plenty of possibilities that could be the main cause. Alas I have no more ideas to try to solve it. Looks like I have to be PC-less for the next week or so. I might even have to change the entire motherboard, processor, power supply and memory. But I will wait until what the computer shop guy diagnose for me first. Hopefully he won't try and cheat me by saying that I need to change everything in my computer.

Sunday night was a bliss though, I brought Chuen out to Luna Bar. Its a nice restaurant located at the roof top of Menara Pan Global and the view from the restaurant was magnificent. The layout was so beautiful, modern and it offers a taste of what high-class really mean. Here are a couple of photos of the layout. I took it from

Since its located at the rooftop and Menara Pan Global is very near to KL Tower, the view from the restaurant was just breathtaking. The lights from the city radiate with such beauty and sets the mood to be extremely romantic. Its a perfect couples haven in my opinion.

The food on the other hand wasn't anything to brag about. I had a lamb kofta which didn't really taste that good in my opinion and it took like about an hour for the food to arrive. The menu was somewhat limited but hey, its a bar. The drinks menu has a lot more offering and the place seemed to be a haunt for expats working in the KL area looking for a place to chill, relax and have a drink. Prices weren't that cheap but its still cheaper than eating at Victoria Station and its about the same price as dining at Italianis in 1 Utama.

Now a new start to the week where I am PC-less. It looks like I have to revert back to my trusty old Dell laptop while I figure out which computer shop I will be sending my computer to. Its going to be quite a hassle as well as burn a hole in my pocket but I have to learn to overcome this and make the most of it. At least now I have more time to spend with my friends and my ministry.

Saturday night was the very first time I saw Liverpool perform for the new 2005/2006 season and it was utterly dissapointing. To have a multi million pound line-up, their performance was short of decent and truly enough I thought Sunderland deserved to win. It was totally horrendous. If things do not change anytime soon, I would expect Liverpool to finish around mid-table this season.

I learned that ants have great sense especially to heat. Remember those days when you were a kid and you were holding a magnifying glass. Remember those days when you try to burn the hell out of those ants? Well I just had enough with those ants that always run across my desk at work like some marathon runner. This time I took out my soldering irons and started chasing them around and my, were they really running away, panicking. After a decent 30secs, they were gone. I thought that would really scare them until they called reinforcements. This time there was no mercy. Even now, two dead ants sit at the bottom of my soldering iron pit, lying stil beside the solder balls. Well so much for ants being escape artists.


Chuen said...

Dinner at Luna bar last night was indeed bliss! Thanks for a great night dear..It was so wonderful that I didn't even mind having to sit in that awkward position the whole night! :P

Mavik said...

Thanks dear. Hoped you really enjoyed yourself.

ikewauhc said...

Yes dear, I love the way you eat your lamb kofta...... Thanks dear.

Mavik said...

Actually eating the thing kinda suck because of the sitting position. Warning, girls, if you want a great view from the place, wear slacks or pants!

ikewauhc said...

haha i'm sure people can't really see since the restaurant is on the top floor right?