Friday, 19 August 2005

I've been tagged....

Ok since I have been tagged by melo-jo, it seems that I have a list to prepare and the answer is, voila!

The terms were to choose one of the following.

"10 heros in your life, 10 things you're grateful for, 10 things you hate, 10 veggies, 10 instruments you play, 10 dogs you've loved before, 10 weird things about yourself, names of your 10 fingers, 10 hopes, 10 past failures, 10 bad habits, 10 dirty secrets, 10 sins you've committed, 10 songs you like, 10 worst TV shows, 10 favourite bible characters, 10 baby names...."

So I decided on this.

10 Weird Things About Myself

1. My weight is a yoyo, it goes up and down almost on a yearly basis
2. I don't enjoy eating steak, give me lamb anytime!
3. I poked a guy in his arse with a mechanical pencil before.
4. I went to a police station at 2am in the morning with a topless guy before.
5. I enjoy watching cooking shows especially those by Jamie Oliver
6. I hate eating sardines
7. I can actually play the organ, well sort of.
8. I am too lazy to put on my contacts early in the morning
9. I got flappy ears
10. I hardly watch television

Now who shall I tag?

Lets see, Chuenie, Dinghy, Joshua, Grace and Lionel.


gRaCeY said...

Oh man! Okay okay, I oblige. :P

JoSh said...

2am in the morning? Who was your English teacher? Needs to be SHOT!

Mavik said...

Haha really, we were actually camping at the Kiara Park then a policeman asked us to register at the Tmn Tun station. So in a state of rebellion because it was rather far away my friend decided to go there without his shirt.

dinghy said...

"3. I poked a guy in his arse with a mechanical pencil before."

Kinky. :P