Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Crap! Literally!

Did I ever mention that I was sort of like training for the upcoming 10km run? Well if I haven't, I managed to run just about 10km yesterday at an alarming pace, 1 hour 40 minutes. Talk about super slow and of course the rain didn't help one bit and stopping at every junction waiting for traffic to pass really did slowed my momentum down.

So I thought why not run through the village, near the seaside and you even get to enjoy the sea breeze to boot. Ok, I chose a path which I liked, near my house but it still involved running all the way to Mahkota Parade and Dataran Pahlawan and through A-Famosa, most of the route would be sectioned to walking paths with a couple of traffic sections.

Happily running along the route I chose at my own slow pace (really slow!), a bird decides to give me his ang pow!

All I can say is, "You stupid %$#^@&! bird!!!". The best response I got was from my aunty, "Wah, you are so lucky!". Hrm, statistically speaking yeah, but having crap bombarded on me, I would think otherwise!

I guess I would rather be sitting at home eating some lai chee, yum!

Look at this link which my friend had on his MSN.