Monday, 19 February 2007

Happy Chinese New Year

The one thing I miss in Malacca is an internet connection, so here I am sitting again in Starbucks using their free Wi-Fi connection and linking my very being back to the virtual world. But of course there are other reasons why I chose to sit at Starbucks for a couple of hours, one is to be able to read through some emails and another is to chat with some of my friends online as well as do a little bit of planning work.

Hopefully by the time I am done, the sun would have set down at a good level so I can walk to the beach and take more photos. I am planning on setting a photo blog but once everything is finalized, I would send out the link at this site.

This Chinese New year is a little difficult for me, well, for one thing I am trying to lose weight and the other thing is that I have access to so much food, too many goodies lying about and I can't savour them. Talk about superb willpower. Secondly it is my first time ever in my entire life that I jogged in Malacca, and do I ever regret not doing it earlier. The scenery and view is wonderful and I definitely love it because I ran twice on the first two days I got here. Although I did it in a rather slow time (75 mins for 8km), I did enjoy my run except for that little incident where a stupid bird decided to bombard me with his feces.

Alright, time to start going under the sun, have a great and wonderful Chinese New Year!