Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Lost and confused

Over the past couple of months I have been fighting the urge to have a complete makeover. This involves redecorating my room, upgrading my computer at home as well as moving my current PC parts to my parent's PC outside and of course, losing weight! I think right now, things are about to change drastically.

I guess being in a coordinator role at work allows me to plan and think about the changes I need to make. One of my bad habits is to basically plan a lot of things in my head but never go about doing those things. So I think I need to prioritize the order of which I need to start working on.

1) Upgrading my computer

At the moment I think this has to be done at a different time, one thing is that I don't have the money ever since the Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 is going for RM1155 at the moment and by going through that route, I would need a new power supply, a new PCI-E graphics card and hopefully I can use my existing DDR1 ram modules. Let's put this as the lowest priority.

Action Plan
  1. Save money
  2. Plan upgrade (choose components within budget)
  3. Buy items

2) Losing Weight

Yes the most important issue and it costs much less because I think in the long run, I actually save more money instead. First things first, cutting down on my food intake means eating less rice during lunch and dinner, eating breakfast on a daily basis and not drinking any sort of soft drinks. Besides dieting, exercising regularly in the gym and playing more sports is another must. Target to reach, to lose at least 15kg by July so I can win my bet with Yee Seng.

Action Plan
  1. Constant exercise
  2. Eat less fatty food
  3. Reduce carbohydrates
  4. Reduce soft drinks

3) Redecorating my room

Ok, most of my stuff in my room has been around for about 10 years and they are getting really old and they are literally falling apart. I guess I would need to remove that queen size bed and put in a large single bed while totally removing that build in table and start buying some furniture from Ikea. I would definitely like 2 large book shelfs and cupboards to store all my books and junk. First action plan would be to get my room measurements and make sure that I can fit in all the new furniture before deciding to get rid of my current furniture.

Action Plan
  1. Obtain room dimensions
  2. Create floor plan and find out available space
  3. Check out Ikea for some bookcases and desk designs
  4. Clear my room and relocate stuff

The plan is up and can be changed in time but the next thing I need to do is set the deadlines for all of these action items. I think I am a slave to my own planning.


Ray said...

eh mark ... why e6600 :) can get e4300 for around 650 rm here, and i think can easily o/c that to 3.2 ghz+

Mavik said...

I want the 4MB cache, useful for when doing memory intensive applications such as video editing and encoding hehe.