Friday, 9 February 2007

Right on track

I finally managed to run all 6km around the lake in Cyberjaya today non-stop but at an extremely slow pace. It took me 60 minutes exactly to run 6km. I guess I am slowly reaching my target of being able to run the KL International Marathon, 10km run in under 80minutes which is the qualifying time. Next week, my target is to try to achieve that distance within 50 minutes.

Anyway aunt grace was kind enough to direct me to this song (Homesick) by Mercy Me which is very nice but unfortunately it is a funeral song or a song that was sang during a funeral. You can either hear or view the video clip at YouTube or over at aunt grace's blog. Its a nice compilation and the melody is nice, I guess that is one song you would definitely not sing to the girl you like.

Anyway here is another Mercy Me song which was a hit. I like this song very much. Enjoy!