Monday, 5 February 2007

New Updates

Finally some new updates for this site. Yes I've changed the site layout a thousand times and the reason why I finally changed it again to one of the Blogger standard theme was because I was given a chance by Blogger to upgrade to their new version. Now I can update my sidebar with better ease and with more content.

Here are the new changes for this year, 2007.

1) New title and new theme

I've changed my title from "all in a nutshell" to "How Random". Why did I do this? Well mainly because I thought that things are becoming more and more complex as you grow older and as you begin to take more on responsibilities, you learn a lot of new things and life so happens to just give so much back to you in such a random way.

2) New page layout

As I mentioned above, this was to take advantage of the page customization tool which Blogger provided with their new web application.

3) Photobook links

I've just gotten a new digital camera and I would love to start sharing more pictures with everyone. I am currently in the experimental phase with a couple of photo sharing websites, namely myPhotoAlbum, Flickr and Picasa Web Albums. Personally I like Picasa Web Albums because of the easy interface for photo upload using their Picasa software (free of course).

From my side bar you would probably see links to all of the web albums there. The newer photos are located at the lower section of the sidebar though.

4) New Chat bar

I ditched the old chat box and decided to go with Chatterbox. Why did I change this? I have totally no idea, I made a mistake by totally forgetting what I used in my old template and I really couldn't find my Javascript code. Oh well at least its new but it is missing the emoticon function which Boon did point out to me.

5) 1 Year Older

Yes, I've finally turned 25 today. Another year older and this can be considered a milestone for me. After 25 years I look back and then think of what I have achieved........My mind is blank for some part of it but I guess I need to look forward to another 25 more years.


Chuen said...

Hey.. happy birthday!:)
I know you've already had a great time celebrating it last night with your friends :) Praying that you'll have a great year ahead of you. things may be different but I know God has better things in store for us. :)

Mavik said...

Hey, thanks for leaving the message here. Really means a lot to me. :)