Tuesday, 6 February 2007

An interesting lunch

I always look forward to having a good meal over lunch and spending that time building relationships with my colleagues. Today was something unusual for me, we went and ate vegetarian food. Basically in Cyberjaya, there isn't any decent restaurant within a 10km vicinity and we always drive outside to eat some good food whether it may be chicken rice or even at McDonald's.

Not today, we went to the wonderful lego building located right next to the Shell building and next to the plaza square where companies like Maybank, IBM and Prudential are housed. From the image above, you can see why I call it the Lego building, well everyone here calls it that.

The food court located on the 1st floor in this building is not exactly the best place to eat in Cyberjaya, there are probably better places around Cyberjaya such as the Street Mall and the recently opened Old Town Kopitiam restaurant. But there is a ray of hope within it and it shines in the form of an Indian vegetarian restaurant.

As most Cyberjaya is basically an IT hub, most of the workers here come from India and most of them are vegetarian. Now if you know me well, I am a meat lover and for me to head over there for lunch is a surprise for many. Today was one such day which I went with a bunch of my colleagues and I found out that the food there was excellent. Plenty of dishes to choose from and fruits are available (yes I am still sticking to my New Year's Resolution which means fruits aplenty during meals) as well.

So if you are ever in the vicinity of Cyberjaya and you have no idea where to head out for lunch, try out this vegetarian restaurant, its located on the ground floor of the Lego building right next to the BCB-CIMB bank.