Thursday, 22 March 2007

Panda Eyes

Its two in the morning and I am still sitting at my computer waiting for the Ulead Video Studio software to finish encoding the video which I edited. Completely exhausted from a long day, all I want is to lie on my new bed and sleep. Unfortunately the program fails to inform me of some of the sizes the encoded video files will be, so here I am up awake in the middle of night trying to encode this 3 minute video into a format which is readable by most computers as well as being presented at a suitable quality.

My first attempt, I encoded the file into a DV format which is totally uncompressed and the file extension was *.avi. The size of the encoded file, 6.3Gb. Ok, totally out for a 3 minute video. Next I chose something smaller, a *.wmv format and the file came to about 66mb which was fairly reasonable but the dimensions of the video were 320x240 and when I blow it up to a widescreen mode, the quality was unacceptable.

Finally I managed to encode it in an MPEG format and guess what? Windows Media Player can view it but there wasn't any sound. I tried Power DVD and it works but I cannot risk this as most laptops/PCs may not have Power DVD. So here I am waiting for the video to be encoded into MPEG2. Hopefully the size wouldn't be too large, as long as the video fits into a DVD disc, I am sure things will turn out fine.

For that matter, I am getting extremely tired now and it sucks having to wait for your super slow PC to encode the file. An Intel Quad core system is much appreciated so please either donate one to me or teach me how to find enough cash to actually afford one. Till the next morning when I see the results of my encoded file.

It is really driving me nuts, bonkers and giving me panda eyes....