Sunday, 25 March 2007

It is friggin hot!

Today is definitely the day where I felt that Earth's atmosphere has finally been breached and my body is being constantly beaten down by UV rays. And yes, I am still sitting in an air-conditioned room at my local Starbucks utilizing their free Wi-Fi service and sipping on a cool cup of Mocha frapacinno.

Of course, everyone else in my area had the same idea so here I am sitting at a spot with the sun shining directly at my face. I guess this is still better than where I was previously sitting (outside by the walkway with the sun still hitting me straight in the face but without any air-conditioning). So much for having a quiet and peaceful moment where I can actually work on some interesting CBT's (Computer Based Training).

So what am I doing on a Sunday evening working? Well I don't really consider it work but I always wanted to learn more about Service Oriented Architecture, so here I am sitting at Starbucks waiting for my CBT to load up. Why Starbucks, one would wonder? Well that is because I have this weird condition that whenever I step into a comfortable place (my room for instance), the desire or will to work fades away faster than light.

Ever since my uni days, the library has always been my best place to study and my house mates can really attest to that. In the library, I have the chance to constantly switch my seating area and explore parts of the library I've never been before hence a new environment which means totally no distractions!

Anyway, in the midst of all this typing, my CBT has finally loaded up. Geeez, it's estimated time to complete is 2 hours. Looks like I shall be late for dinner.