Thursday, 29 March 2007

Random thoughts - Part 2

After a couple of days running around with plenty of activities allowing me very little time at home and sleep, I've come to realize that I could do with a little more planning in my life. Not time management skills but rather planning or putting aside time for reflection and rest. Having that time is really important knowing that is where I draw some strength from especially to justify the actions which I have done.

So what have I done lately which has totally consumed most of my time? Well for one thing, I am glad that my company's annual dinner and dance has passed (last Friday to be exact). Why? Because I was rushing through in editing a video (a trailer video to get people hyped up about our company trip) which was shown at the dinner itself whilst balancing my remaining time for band practices (and yes the band was playing during the dinner as well). Sleep was a luxury over the past two weeks and right now I have one more task to go, the bowling tournament this coming Friday.

Even so, this is rather relaxing because there isn't so much in terms of preparations but of course not everything comes easily, there were other things that can just appear anytime. Things such as new work to do, or finding the time to prepare presentations, organize dinners and basically having fun. In the midst of all this, I ask myself again, where is the time I have to myself?

Also I've just found out that I am way behind in my reading schedule and I have plenty of books to cover. Three more books to be added in my to read list with the latest one which Jolene gave to me last night.

If only I could bend space and time like Hiro Nakamura.