Sunday, 4 March 2007

Woah, thats huge!

When you expect about 20+ people to show up at your place for a Chinese New Year celebration, trying to get a huge enough "yee sang" for everyone to toss about is never easy. Well that was until I met Kevin and Jolene who came up with the idea of using the table as the plate.

Definitely a huge spread and by far the biggest I've seen in real life. Well of course you can't really compare to those which are used during MCA's open house events, but I would like to give my friends a big hand for getting all of the ingredients and also being the host for this fun event.

Now you would notice that the "plate" is just an aluminium foil so people who get overly excited need not try poking through the foil with their chopsticks.

So once everything gets a little crazy and everyone is just screaming and shouting phrases such as " Biiiiiigggggg boooonnnnnusssss this year!!!!!" or "Goooooooddddd healtttttthhhhh!!!", you know things might just get out of hand. What do you do next?

I just finish eating my own share. Buuuurrrrrppppp!